About Us

Backed by Fidelis Pharmaceuticals

Committed to providing high-quality animal welfare solutions

Founded in 2016, Fidelis Pharmaceuticals, LLC, offers exceptional expertise in the acquisition, development, and marketing of unique pharmaceutical formulations that meet specialized human and veterinary medical and humane care needs.

Fidelis Pharmaceuticals is a privately held U.S.-based company serving the world from the Northeast pharmaceutical corridor:

  • Company headquarters is located in New Jersey.
  • Fidelis products are exclusively “Made in the USA” at manufacturing facilities located in Pennsylvania.
  • Supply chain sources and manufacturing sites and operations are in full compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) regulated by the FDA.
  • Dedicated to providing products that are indexed by the FDA.

When you use Ethiqa XR™, rest assured you’re using a product developed by veterinary and human medicine specialists with extensive experience and the best interests of animals in mind. Our team includes Steven Leary, DVM, DACLAM, the 2018 winner of The Nathan R. Brewer Lifetime Achievement Award.

Additionally, Fidelis is devoted to building a pipeline of high-quality products to serve the veterinary marketplace.